Update 06/01/2020: Starting on Tuesday, June 01, 2020, both locations of Taylor Drug will open their lobbies. We ask that patients please use the drive-throughs if they have symptoms of coronavirus infection to help protect the health of our employees and other customers.


To Taylor Drug’s esteemed customers:

Taylor Drug takes employee and patient safety seriously. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Taylor Drug has implemented new policies and re-emphasized already-established policies designed to help reduce the possible spread of the virus to either Taylor Drug employees and its valued customers. Taylor Drug is dedicated to serving the community and intends to stay available for the public’s needs throughout this entire situation. As the outbreak is ever-evolving, we will continue to monitor these events and make adjustments to these policies as needed.

To prevent the spread of any infectious disease, including the novel coronavirus, Taylor Drug has re-emphasized established self-hygiene policies already in place. Employees have been reminded to wash hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer after dealing with anyone with symptoms of illness of an infectious nature. Further, employees have also been instructed to sanitize any surface or device (i.e. credit card machines, signing tablets, countertops, etc.) that may have been contaminated by contact from anyone with symptoms of an infectious disease. Further, employees will be masked when dealing with customers to help prevent potential viral spread, and ask the same of our customers.

Additionally, Taylor Drug management has instructed all employees with any symptom of an infectious disease to stay at home instead of trying to work, in order to protect the health of other employees and clientele. Any employee who arrives to work, and shows symptoms of an infectious nature, will be immediately dismissed. We take the health and safety of both our patients and our employees seriously and have deemed these actions essential to that end.

To help protect ourselves, and our other customers, we ask that patients who are seriously ill with an infectious disease of any kind abstain from entering the store if possible. Please consider sending a healthy representative for your prescriptions when manageable. If that isn’t an option, please consider using our drive-thru windows.

We will take every step possible to remain open in one form or another, throughout the pandemic, to ensure the community’s access to essential treatments. As long as the government doesn’t force us to close for a period of time, we will be here for you. With possible reduced staff, or to meet governmental requirements, we may have to make adjustments to our hours of operation or the way we do business. For example, it may become necessary to operate out of one of our locations instead of both or operate with the drive-thru open only. We will announce any of these requirements on our website and Facebook page as they arise.

Further, as we see the demand for certain items increase, Taylor Drug has implemented, and may further impose limits on these high-demand items. We will attempt to keep all high-demand items in stock, as much as it is possible, but implement these limits to allow more households the opportunity to acquire these essentials vs. only a few households having an overabundance of them. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

As staffing may decrease due to illness, we appreciate your patience as demand for services increases, and our ability to meet those needs may decrease. For faster service, please consider using the services offered that allow us to get your prescriptions ready ahead of time such as our automated telephone system or our refill app (RxLocal). We will also be glad to set you up on our text messaging system so you know exactly when your prescriptions are ready.

As always, we truly appreciate your trust in us and hope to maintain our relationship with you. We look forward to working with you during this challenging time.


Taylor Drug Management