Patients have the right to receive a printout or their medical history at any time. Government regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of HIPAA) require that in order to receive a history printout, a patient must fill out and sign a request form asking for this information. Government regulations further require that medical institutions receive written consent and signatures from every adult (persons 18 years and older) to release medical records. In other words, spouses, and adult children must also fill out and sign their own release form. You can download a fillable form here to fill out and bring it to the pharmacy on your next visit. Patient printouts generally take fewer than five minutes to prepare.

Taylor Drug takes patient privacy seriously. All Taylor Drug employees and staff members receive annual training regarding privacy policies and systems. If you feel like your privacy has been compromised by the actions of any employee/staff member at Taylor Drug, please email us here, concerning the situation providing as much detail as possible, and we will investigate the situation taking appropriate actions.