RxLocal - Our New Refill App

RxLocal IconTaylor Drug introduces its new app, "RxLocal." RxLocal offers the easiest, most convenient way to request refills, and monitor your prescription record. Once set up, you can access the app quickly using either a PIN of your choosing, or if your phone is capable, a fingerprint. Not only does it allow a patient to request refills for themselves, but allows them to refill prescriptions for all family members. RxLocal can also be set up to remind you when medication are due to be refilled, making sure you never find yourself without the medication you need.

To use the App, you will need 3 pieces of information to verify your identity, your last name, your birth date, and a prescription number. Make sure when you enter your prescription number to omit any letters that proceed the number. Only enter numeric digits. 

Setup is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit your device's app store (i.e. Google Play or Apple App store), and search for "RxLocal." The top result which says "RxLocal" and "PioneerRx" underneath is the result you're looking for.  2. Select the RxLocal app from the list, and select "Install" to add the App to your device.  3. Accept the "End User" licensing agreement to complete installation.
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4. Open the app, and select "Register for an Account Now" at the bottom of the page.


 5. Scroll through the list of states and select "Utah."


6. Select "American Fork" in the list of cities.

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7. Select "Taylor Drug" from the list of pharmacies.


8. Create your desired username, and enter and confirm your email address.


9. Lastly, create a PIN or use a fingerprint to access the App in the future.

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Make sure to remember your username and password in case you need to reinstall the app or for when you purchase a new device.